Workers’ Compensation in Grand Rapids and Northern Minnesota


Attorney Fees-How We Get Paid

Let’s face it, nobody likes the thought of having to hire a lawyer. The very idea of calling a lawyer or making an appointment can be very stressful. If you are like most people, you’ve never needed to hire a lawyer and have no idea what’s involved. You probably have a number of questions and concerns, but for most people, the # 1 question is: “How much will it cost (or, how do I pay the lawyer)?”

In Minnesota, hiring a workers’ compensation lawyer is actually fairly painless. In a nutshell, we only get paid if we are successful. At Bradt Law Offices, we don’t ask for any money up front to cover costs or expenses and you’ll never receive a bill from us. It costs you nothing to hire us and we only get paid if we recover benefits for you. If there is no recovery, you pay us nothing.

Workers’ Compensation Attorney Fees Are Set by Law

Not only do we only get paid if we win, but our fees are set by law and are the same for every lawyer in every Minnesota work comp case. Any fee that we claim in your case must be approved by a workers’ compensation judge. If we recover medical or vocational benefits which do not actually put money in your pocket, the insurance company may be required to pay our fees.

Your Initial Consultation is Always Free

Whether you wish to discuss your claim on the phone, in our office or in your home, there is never any fee for a consultation. You will always receive our honest evaluation of your claim and whether it may be worth pursuing. If you decide that you would like us to help you, fees will be paid from any settlement or recovery on your claim.

Contact us today with any questions you might have or if we can assist you in any way.