Workers’ Compensation in Grand Rapids and Northern Minnesota

Getting Back To Work With Vocational Rehabilitation

After an injury at work, the ideal outcome is to return to your previous job at full ability and full pay. While this is certainly an option for some injured workers, many are not so fortunate.

Minnesota workers’ compensation laws provide access to vocational rehabilitation services, including an assigned Qualified Rehabilitation Consultant (QRC). Your QRC’s job is to help you get back to work as quickly as possible, preferably at your old job and at your old wage. In cases where this is a possible outcome, your QRC may serve as a liaison between your treating physician and your employer. He or she may accompany you to doctor visits, get clarification on your work restrictions and ensure that your employer understands how to respect and comply with those restrictions.

When A New Job Is Necessary

For a variety of reasons, it may not be possible to return to your old job. In such cases, your QRC will help you find a new job by providing some of the following services:

  • Helping you search for jobs
  • Helping you update and polish your resume or fill out job applications
  • Helping you obtain job training, skills training or career counseling
  • Coordinating with third parties involved in the vocational rehabilitation process
  • Under certain circumstances, helping you find a new career by pursuing a claim for retraining

The end goal is always to get you back to full employment and earning a wage that matches your pre-injury pay.

Finding The Right QRC For You

Because you’ll be working closely with your Qualified Rehabilitation Consultant, it’s important to have a trusting relationship. Unfortunately, not every QRC will be a good fit for you. The good news is that you have choices.

In most cases, the work comp insurance company will automatically assign a QRC to you. Within 60 days of that assignment, you can tell the insurance company that you’ll be choosing your own QRC, and the insurance company cannot refuse your request. It is not necessary to give a reason.

When you work with our firm, we are happy to recommend QRCs that we know and trust, but you are also free to do research and choose your own.

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